12 Idols Who Fans Swear Look Even Better IRL

All idols are beautiful, but fans think that these idols look even better IRL.

K-Pop idols are all extremely stunning in their own rights, and everytime a pictorial or MV is released, fans are breathless at the amount of visuals thrown at them! Some fans, however, upon seeing their idol IRL, all agree—they’re even more stunning up close!

Here are 15 idols (in no particular order) who fans think look even better up close, IRL!


1. Red Velvet’s Joy

Red Velvet‘s Joy is known for her refreshing beauty, from her adorable eye-smile to her goddess proportions! While she looks gorgeous in all her photos and videos, fans who saw her IRL say that they were absolutely stunned by her beauty, even more so than wha they see in the media!


2. Girls Generation’s Yoona

Dubbed the “Nation’s Visual”, Girls Generation‘s Yoona has been wowing fan for more than a decade with her gorgeous face, wonderful talents and personality! Fans who saw her up close describe her to have a small face and large, round eyes that make her seem even more beautiful than her pictures, if that was possible!


3. SHINee’s Minho

SHINee‘s main visual, Minho, is one of the most talented dancers and actors around! He also has been stunning fans for more than a decade, and fans who saw him IRL all fell for his tall and handsome physique that never looked better up close!


4. BLACKPINK’s Jisoo

BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo was a hot topic even before she debuted, for her visuals reminded netizens of a Korean princess! Fans who saw her IRL describe Jisoo to be eye-catching, super charming and totally cute!


5. Girls Generation’s Yuri

Girls Generation are all visual beauties, but according to some fans, Yuri IRL is absolutely stunning. They describe her to have a small face and the cutest, brightest smile ever!


6. BTS’s V

Many fans that have seen BTS‘s V IRL all have one thing to say in common: if you think he looks the best in his photos, THINK AGAIN. His visuals completely transcend all expectations, with fans describing him to be tall and gorgeous. He looks just like his best fan edited photos, but only better.

Image credit: Mariana Fernándes Yanéz


IZ*ONE fans agree that all the members are even prettier IRL! All their photos do not do their visuals justice, and fans even say that everytime they walk into a room, they light the entire space up!


8. Red Velvet’s Irene

Along with Joy, fans also agree that everytime they see Irene‘s beauty IRL, it hits them anew each time! They describe her as being super tiny, but her super visuals and aura completely make up for that lack height!

Image credit: @Mryjwnysbl


9. NCT Dream’s Jeno

The visual of his group, NCT Dream‘s Jeno is known for his super-cute eye-smile and perfect side-profile! A popular child-actor turned idol, fans who saw Jeno IRL talk about his bright eyes and gorgeous smile, and that everything good about him just amplifies the closer you get to him!

10. BLACKPINK’s Rosé

Along with golden vocals, BLACKPINK‘s Rosé also has golden visuals! Fans who saw her IRL describe her as a tall beauty who looks like a total angel, and her photos just don’t do her justice!


11. TWICE’s Dahyun

All the members of TWICE are a literal visual-smack in the face, but fans that saw the group IRL say that Dahyun is one of their most eye-catching members up close! Fans describe her as seeming to be “too beautiful to be real”, and Dahyun seemingly gives off a more mature vibe in person.


12. TWICE’s Tzuyu

TWICE’s visual maknae Tzuyu is also said to be super beautiful up close! Fans who saw her IRL describe her as super tall and beautiful, with the perfect side profile!


They’re all super gorgeous!

Source: Reddit