12 Idols Who Played April Fools Pranks On Their Fans

No fan was safe this April Fools.

April Fools Day often sneaks up on people which meant many fans were caught off-guard when their favourite idols began to play pranks on their fanbases.

1. Solar (MAMAMOO)

Solar pranked her fans with an upload to her YouTube channel, Solarsido. In her video, Solar told fans she was going to cut off a significant portion of her hair.

But it turns out she was just cutting off extensions!

2. Doyoung (NCT) and Gong Myung

Doyoung of NCT has an actor brother named Gong Myung. A photo of Gyong Myung was posted on NCT’s Twitter with the caption: “Hello. I’m Doyoung. It looks my selfie came out cute today”.

Doyoung then made a post on Gong Myung’s Instagram account with the caption “Hello, it’s Gong Myung! Going on an outing, get warmer, weather!”

3. J.Us (ONF)

ONF’s Twitter account was supposedly hijacked by the childhood version of member J.Us who shared cute pictures with fans.

4. I.N (Stray Kids)

Stray Kids uploaded a picture on their Instagram using the hashtags that I.N normally uses. The caption read “I think I look a bit like Hyunjin today”. The picture was, of course, actually of Hyunjin.

5. Hyunjin (Stray Kids)

Similarly, a picture of Han was uploaded using Hyunjin’s hashtags, the caption read “I think I look like a flower today?”.

6. Han (Stray Kids)

Han’s hashtags were used for a picture of I.N with the caption “I took a selfie but I am amazed, I look so much like I.N”.

7. Changbin (Stray Kids)

Seungmin appeared in pictures accompanied by Changbin’s hashtags. He referenced the fact that he was still wearing a name tag saying “Seungmin” in the caption: “It’s weird not to be holding a hand microphone for the first time in a while… ah my nametag changed!”.

8. Seungmin (Stray Kids)

Finally, Changbin pretended to be Seungmin.

9. The Rose

Korean band The Rose transitioned into a full dance group for April Fools and posted a slick dance practice.


MAMAMOO recently performed in puppy suits to celebrate April Fools, they spoke in “barks” and “woofs” in their Twitter post.

11. Jin (BTS)

BTS’s official Twitter account changed their header image and their profile picture to a picture of Jin holding a shrimp with the caption “Hello…?”.

12. Suga and J-Hope (BTS)

BTS then changed their Twitter account once more, turning it into an account for the ballad duo SOPE (Suga and J-Hope). They asked fans to DM them with event inquiries as they were willing to travel anywhere in Korea to perform. The pair also hosted a V-Live where they announced their disbandment, but they soon reunited.