12 Idols Recommend Their 12 Favorite Spring Songs

From the classic “Cherry Blossom Ending” to children’s song “New Shoes”, K-Pop idols pick the top spring tunes!

1. NU’EST W’s Ren

NU’EST W‘s Ren chose “New Shoes”, a popular children’s song in Korea taught in elementary school. The lyrics go “Under the shade of yellow forsythia blossoms, a pair of baby shoes sit.” As forsythias are one of the most common flowers to bring news of spring in Korea, children sing this song to welcome the warm spring season. Ren added, “Be sure to go see a lot of flowers this spring!”




SEVENTEEN‘s DK chose John Park‘s “Thought of You” as his favorite spring time song. DK added, “Try to think about your loved ones while enjoying this song. It should pick up your mood!”



3. MOMOLAND’s Taeha & Nancy

MOMOLAND‘s Taeha and Nancy chose Roy Kim‘s “BOM BOM BOM” as their #1 spring bop! This track is, as the title suggests, all about the season and is perfect for listening on the way to go see the spring flowers. The girls added, “This song gets us so excited about spring!”



4. PRISTIN’s Nayoung

PRISTIN‘s Nayoung recommends listening to Bolbbalgan4‘s “Tell Me You Love Me” while watching the cherry blossom flowers. Nayoung likes this song because it gets her excited about having the flowers bloom. She added, “I hope the spring flowers pick up everyone’s moods!”




EXID members recommended giving the group’s very own “LADY” a listen, as a spring time tune! LE explained this new upbeat song is perfect to play on a drive to go see the flowers!




THE BOYZ members picked Busker Busker‘s “Cherry Blossom Ending” as their favorite spring season bop! This classic spring song has been appearing on the charts every spring since its release in 2012. THE BOYZ explained, “Only when you hear this song, you know for a fact that spring has come to Korea!”



7. Samuel

Samuel chose Charlie Puth‘s bop “Attention” as his go-to song for spring season! He added, “Spring is all about music. I always listen to “Attention” when spring comes. It’s a great song for an easy listen!”



8. Eric Nam

Eric Nam recommended his own spring love song featuring Red Velvet‘s Wendy, called “Spring Love”. This track, harmonious and beautiful, is perfect for a spring day date! Eric wished everyone a wonderful spring season, enjoying his newest bops!




GFRIEND members picked Cao Lu, Kisum, and Yerin‘s “Spring Again” as their favorite spring time tune. Featuring GFRIEND’s own Yerin on the track, “Spring Again” is actually a relatable song for those who are single this spring!



10. SF9’s Rowoon

SF9‘s Rowoon chose Soran‘s “Cherry Blossoms are Falling” as his favorite song to listen to in spring. Rowoon explained, “There are a lot of love songs about spring season. But I feel like this track is about a heart broken man. I love the vibe that it gives. Strangely, it fits spring season just as well.”



11. ASTRO’s Cha Eunwoo

ASTRO‘s Cha Eunwoo recommended Standing Egg‘s “Little Star” to go on your spring season playlist! He mentioned spring being the season of new buds and blooms coming to life. The song “Little Star” reminds him of this liveliness of spring days. Cha Eunwoo added, “Try listening to this song before you go to bed on a spring night. It would be perfect.”



12. Oh My Girl

Oh My Girl members recommended their fellow member Hyojung‘s soundtrack, “SARR”, as a great tune to put on any spring playlist. Oh My Girl said the lyrics are perfect for the spring season.


Source: Dispatch