12 Infuriating Plot Holes That Will Make You Question Your Favorite K-Dramas

How did nobody notice these?

Have you ever been watching a K-Drama only to realize that something just didn’t make any sense? As a K-Drama addict, we can overlook some of the strange plot points that happen frequently, but other times the plot holes are just so big that they’re kind of irritating. So here are some plot holes that many K-Drama fans have noticed and have had a hard time looking past.

1. The Time Zone problem in Goblin

So it’s not the biggest plot hole but, in the very first episode of Goblin, there is the scene where Ji Eun Tak called Dokkaebi to the library. During this scene, he tells her that he’s going to someone’s death anniversary in Quebec and it’s already tomorrow over there. He then proceeds to open the door and the two find themselves in the Canadian city. The only problem is, South Korea’s Time Zone is 12-13 hours ahead of Quebec. So, either time travel was involved or nobody really noticed the problem.

2. The airport conundrum in Are You Human Too

One thing that has been bugging fans of Are You Human Too for a while now is how exactly Robot Namshin made it back home from overseas alone in human disguise. Now, if you’ve ever traveled by air you know all about airport screening, so how exactly did a robot pass those measures. Some fans think he must have taken a charter plane or used his abilities to put a “normal human” image onto the airport scanner screen and deactivated the metal detectors. Either way this moment still has many people scratching their heads.

3. The strange phenomenon of the bracelet in Legend of the Blue Sea

Without spoiling too much, one of the strangest and confusing things that happened in Legend of the Blue Sea is how the bracelet came to be where it was actually found. Fans have pointed out that the distance and the speed she swam to get the bracelet just don’t make that much sense.

4. The empty palace in Moonlight Drawn By Clouds

Royal palaces would have been filled with guards, servants, and many other people that just seem to be absent in Moonlight Drawn By Clouds. This is made super apparent in the scene where Ra On receives a piggyback ride from Yi Yeong. Luckily, someone at least noticed the massive problem and attempted to explain it by saying he knows a lot of places that can’t be seen by other people. Still makes you wonder about the security of that place though!

5. Have we been hypnotized not to notice the problem in Hyde, Jekyll, and I?

There’s one incredibly obvious problem with Hyde, Jekyll, and I that will make you wonder how none of the crew noticed it. In the show, Hyun Bin’s character has been seeing a hypnotherapist for 10 years. Now, there’s nothing abnormal about that until it’s revealed later that his character can’t be hypnotized. So what exactly has been going on for the past 10 years?

6. The unexplained time skips in Fall In Challenge

While the whole story is beyond cute there is one thing that many viewers noticed. After every couple of episodes, many days had passed only nobody bothered to explain what had happened in between. By the time the show had hit the fifth episode, the writers must have noticed because the characters started to fill in some of that missing information while talking to the camera. Although it still doesn’t help us with the previous time skips!

7. The open door situation in Hello Monster

One of the strangest things in Hello Monster is the scene where Lee Hyun as a child talks with Lee Joon Young. When he first comes across the killer, the door to the holding room is actually open meaning anybody could go in and talk to him or provide him with a super easy way to escape. Seriously, can anybody please explain why the door was left open when there was a very dangerous man being held inside?

8. The time Geum Jan Di had super speed in Boys Over Flowers

There is one scene where we see Gu Jun Pyo take off in his car only to be followed moments later by Geum Jan Di on a bike. Nobody is quite sure how she did it but she arrived at his house at exactly the same time! Even he looked surprised to see her!

9. The empty shop in Goblin

Olive Chicken Cafe is Sunny’s restaurant and became a huge part of the show, but strangely it is always empty. Surely a beautiful woman like Sunny would attract more customers, but each episode it remains just as empty.

10. The hairline flaw in Missing 9

How in the world does someone spend months on a deserted island and still manage to keep their hair so neat and flawless? How is it possible? Okay, so this one isn’t really that big of a deal but once you notice it, it’s literally all you can think about!

11. The technical error in Angel Eyes

If this drama was set in a different time period this plot hole would be a complete non-issue but since it’s set in 2015 there’s something majorly wrong. Between 2005 and 2015 for some reason the two main characters never had any contact with each other. In this technology filled era its hard to believe that the two never connected on line or something, especially since we know Facebook launched in 2004!

12. The odd fight scene in W Two Worlds

W Two Worlds is a great drama but full of so many plot holes that it’s hard to cover all of them. Instead we’ll cover the massive head scratcher that was the fight scene between the villain and Kang Chul. During this scene we see Kang Chul being shot in the heart and yet in the very next scene he gets up and goes back to fighting. We’re just not sure how that’s really possible.