12 Jokes and Memes You’ll Only Understand If You’re A GOT7 Fan

These jokes will definitely tickle your funny bone if you’re an IGOT7!

GOT7 are a hilarious group who have coined a ton of catchphrases and bring joy to their fans with their jokes. Whether you’re new to being an IGOT7 or a long-time Ahgase, these jokes will surely bring a smile to your face!


This is GOT7’s favorite word that they will use in pretty much any situation. It’s used so much that it’s really an inside joke. Say it in the right tone to an Ahgase and they’re bound to burst out laughing!

2. “Here’s a cucumber!” and “No cucumber.”

Mark loves to make puns. One of his favorite ways to do this is when someone says “어이 없어!” (eo-i eobs-eo) which means “this makes no sense”. Mark will then reply with “오이 있어!” (o-i iss-eo) meaning  “there’s a cucumber!” and holds up a cucumber. On another occasion Youngjae asked him what  어이 없어  meant in English and Mark said “no cucumber”. Obviously Youngjae was so done!

3.”I’m out!,” “2 out!,” “3 out!”

GOT7 invented the “I’m out” joke and will use this one any chance they can get! In theory, it just involves each member shouting “I’m out” and so on while leaping out of the camera frame, but really it’s one of IGOT7’s favorite inside jokes.

4. “Chuchuchuuu!”

This one’s not exactly easy to explain but every Ahgase knows and loves it!

5. *Whispers* “JYP”

You can’t start a song without a whispered “JYP!” While not restricted to GOT7’s use the group does like to insert this into every performance big or small.

6.”Dondielonie. Dandielonie. Dandeelon.”

How do you really say dandelion? Well thanks to Youngjae, Ahgases know there are many many different ways. Saying any of these would definitely bring a smile to fans’ faces!

7. When you can’t trust anybody

How is it possible to find so many instances where Jinyoung stands next to a picture of himself?

8. DabDab

IGOT7’s will know exactly what you’re talking about if you say “DabDab.”

9. “What did I eat to become so hot? Rice.”

All Ahgases know exactly what to do to look good!

10. “T-esspresso”

Poor Youngjae had trouble saying the name of a roller coaster and will never live it down thanks to Jackson. IGOT7’s took to the saying too and now it’s one of the best inside jokes!

11. “Wow! So amazing.”

Yugyeom‘s favorite catchphrase. Ahgases know it can be used in any situation and adds just the right touch of humor.

12. “I order eight chicken nuggets and I only got 7.”

Jackson unintentional joke that is now known throughout the fandom.