12 K-Pop Idols Who Are More Relaxed Than You’ll Ever Be

These idols have found their inner peace.

We all know how much hard work goes into being an idol, so when we get to see our biases have a little relaxation or see them totally rocking things under pressure we couldn’t be happier. But after seeing them show their zen, you can’t help but compare your own hectic lives to the looks of utter bliss on their faces. These idols will definitely make you feel a little jealous as they have learned the art of channeling their inner peace and having a whole lot of fun doing it!

1. GFRIEND’s trip to Tiki Island

They may have been shooting promotions for Tiki Island but that didn’t stop the girls from having a little fun!

And taking a little break in one of the spa rooms.

2. BTS at the beach

Nothing says relaxation like a little time on the beach and BTS knows how to do it like no one else!

I mean, just look at them having fun on their banana boat. How cute!

3. EXO Kai’s puppy play date

Still not relaxed yet? How about having a puppy play date just like Kai? Or you know, just watching him snuggle with the puppy is pretty awesome too!

4. 2PM Chansung’s kitty cuddle

Then we have Chansung spending some quality time with his cat! Yep, nothing says relaxation like cuddling up with a furbaby.

5. Girls’ Generation’s summer vacation

But nothing will make you feel quite as good as seeing the girls of Girls’ Generation enjoying their time in Las Vegas.

And Los Angeles too!

Or just some sweet aesthetics on the beach.

6. INFINITE L’s adorable naptime

And who wouldn’t think this is one of the sweetest things in the whole world? A cutie sleeping with another cutie!

7. MONSTA X Shownu’s inner zen

But it isn’t just idols in a blissful setting that will make you jealous. Shownu has the amazing ability to keep calm under the hardest circumstances, like watching this scary video clip!

While he might have kept his cool while watching the clip who could withstand coming face to face with the scary ghost?

Turns out it was no problem for Shownu who seemed completely unphased by the sudden appearance!

8. CROSS GENE Takuya’s adventures on Tour Avatar

Then we have Takuya. When CROSS GENE visited Tour Avatar they were tasked with falling asleep in 30 minutes but the film crew wasn’t making it easy for them.

Despite the loud music, Takuya was able to find inner bliss.

Not to mention his completely calm reaction to having torched items put on his back.

9. Red Velvet Irene’s calm and cool persona

ISAC can be extremely stressful with each idol wanting to do their best. Even the sheer intensity of the crowds adds to the stress and would make anyone feel a little nervous. But Irene stood completely calm during archery and shot a perfect 10!

10. EXO Xiumin and Chen’s unshakeable nerves

Haunted houses are one of those things that generally make even the bravest individual quake with fear. EXO was no different, with the boys acting like this…

Or this…

But then you had Xiumin who walked right past the ghosts and monsters without flinching at all.

And Chen who actively sought out the ghouls to give them hot packs.

11. BTS’s ability to sleep anywhere

BTS are at the top of their game and maybe we can contribute a little bit of their unending energy onstage to their outstanding napping abilities.

They can fall asleep in some slightly awkward positions.

Or simply in very odd places.

They can even fall asleep sitting up!

But what we all really want to know is how the boys are able to sleep pretty much anywhere!

12. Boys Republic Onejunn’s interesting friend

How would you feel being confronted by a whole bunch of live snakes? Well, Boys Republic weren’t overly thrilled by it.

Almost all of the members were completely freaked out about having a snake draped around them…

Except for Onejunn who thought the snakes were adorable!

Looks like he made a new friend that others would likely avoid at all costs!