12 K-Pop Songs That Were Banned From Public Broadcasts

The reasons for some of these bans is ridiculous.

Public Korean broadcast channels can be quite sensitive when it comes to K-Pop, as they show no hesitation in banning certain songs from being broadcasted. The main three public broadcast channels are KBS, MBC, and SBS. Here are 10+ K-Pop songs that were deemed unfit by at least one of these broadcasting networks.

1. “Go Go” (BTS)

“Go Go” was banned due to some of the lyrics being too “vulgar”.

2. “Boombayah” (BLACKPINK)

“Boombayah” was banned due to some inappropriate lyrics, such as “Middle fingers up”. It was also banned for the mentioning of an alcohol brand name.

3. “Cherry Bomb” (NCT 127)

“Cherry Bomb” was banned due to the lyrics being too “violent”.

4. “Like That” (CLC)

The lyrics to “Like That” were too suggestive, so it was banned from some broadcasting networks.

5. “Mirotic” (TVXQ)

Some of the lyrics in “Mirotic” were considered inappropriate, such as the line “Under my skin”.

6. “Lotto” (EXO)

“Lotto” was banned due to the title being a brand name.

7. “Born Singer” (BTS)

“Born Singer” was banned by KBS because the broadcast company deemed the song to contain profanity and vulgar words.

8. “Everyday” (WINNER)

“Everday” uses the word “lotto” in its lyrics, which is a brand name, so it was banned.

9. “Holup” (iKON’s Bobby)

“Holup” was banned for multiple reasons, such as cursing, use of brand names, inappropriate lyrics, just to name a few.

10. “Sixteen” (Kim Samuel)

Like a lot of entries on this list, “Sixteen” was banned due to mentioning brand names in the lyrics.

11. “Fxxk It” (BIGBANG)

This is pretty self-explanatory, broadcasting networks weren’t the biggest fans of the title or the lyrics.

12. “Dope” (BTS)

“Dope” was banned for having “vulgar” lyrics.