12 Male Idols Who Got Caught Falling In Love With BLACKPINK

With such amazing visuals and strong personalities, can you blame them?

1. Kang Daniel had the cutest reaction when he thought Jisoo greeted him.

Jisoo waved at me! Hi Jisoo! Oh, wait. She didn’t wave? Oh no.

Let’s just bow and pretend that never happened.

2. All the Wanna One members turn into fanboys whenever they hear BLACKPINK.

They have repeatedly shown their love through enthusiastic dance covers…

…and vocal covers.

3. BTS went wild during this BLACKPINK performance.

EXO had no idea how much fanboying was going on behind them.

4. V sat in awe during Rosé’s “Whistle” stage.

He was completely enraptured.

Halfway through the song, his inner fanboy broke free.

5. Like V, Jungkook got super into BLACKPINK’s live performance.

He sang and rapped along to “Whistle”…

…and looked like he was just dying to get up and dance to “Playing With Fire”.

6. It took only one note of “BOOMBAYAH” to make EXO turn up.

Once Chanyeol started this BLACKPINK dance party…

…his members just had to join in.

7. WINNER’s Mino took a photo of BLACKPINK at the SBS Gayo Daejun Music Festival.

Like a true fanboy, Mino couldn’t resist snapping a shot of these lovely ladies.

8. He also gave Jisoo this lovestruck look while they MCed together.

Can you see the hearts in his eyes?

9. B.I couldn’t stop looking at Lisa.

He started out with a glance or two…

…but those cute glances turned into an enamored stare.

10. BIGBANG’s Daesung got playful with the BLACKPINK members.

There’s nothing wrong with a little flirting between a sunbae and his hoobaes. Right?

11. EXO’s Chanyeol showed his bashful side around Rosé.

During a rehearsal with Rosé, Chanyeol got a bit shy during his performance…

…but he wasn’t shy about showing his love for hers.

12. Fans spotted NCT’s Jaehyun sneaking glances at Lisa.

It must have been hard not to pay attention to someone this beautiful…

…especially when she’s having so much fun!