These 12 Moments When BTS’s Jimin Gets Defensive About His Height Will Never Stop Being Funny

The more defensive he acts about his height, the cuter he gets!

BTS‘s Jimin‘s height is 173.6 cm — and BTS members never let him forget about it.

Why should they, if they can see Jimin reacting so adorably whenever they tease him about his height?

Check out the way his face would scrunch up and the way he would whine cutely by looking at these 12 adorable moments below:

1. Such an enormous rage coming from a cute, adorable mochi 

In a segment they were doing for their TV show, Jimin went on the roof and called out Jungkook for always teasing him about his height.

He emphasized the fact that he’s 2 years older…

…and that he had eaten more rice bowls than him, but Jungkook still continues to show his love for his hyung by playfully teasing him every chance he gets.

2. Why not “Tall Team” and “Near-Tall Team” instead?

He already anticipated what the members would do, so he took the initiative to be placed on the “Tall Team”.

Sadly, though, no matter how bad you want something to happen, not everything will go your way.

3. The resemblance is uncanny…

…except for the slight difference in height.

4. Jungkook’s voice is sweet as a honey

But his words are sharper than a knife.

5. Did he really just…?

He stood up straight right after comparing their heights.

6. His crime is being cute whenever he gets teased

Sometimes, you forget that Jimin is actually 5’7″ tall — considered above average for an Asian man.

7. Look at Suga holding on to that difference like it’s his last breath

Hey, it’s either you or me, buddy.

8. Oh, Jungkook, the old-fashioned “I didn’t see you” joke

Of course, the appropriate response would be Jimin asking him if he wants to get hit. Maybe he’ll see him this time.

9. He may be “small” but he sure is resourceful

Remember when BTS teased him by putting him at the back for the group’s photo?

Jimin found a way and stood up on the table so that he’d be towering above them all.

10. How dare y– oh, yeah

He was about to protest but then he realized that actually makes sense, so, better accept the truth and move on.

11. Why you gotta call him out like that, RM?

12. Eagle eyes

Jimin’s so sensitive about his height that he can instantly sense it when his feet are being caught on camera.