12 Of TWICE’s Sana’s Most Unforgettable Hairstyles Since Debut

Her absolute best looks!

Sana has undergone a lot of different hair transformations since her debut. She’s proven that she looks good with any color hair and in certain styles, she looks like a real princess! With so many interesting styles Sana has worn over the years, here are the most unforgettable ones since her debut!


1. Beautiful Black

Sana’s worn her natural hair color a couple of times since the group’s debut. While she can pull off any color, her natural black hair is absolutely beautiful.


2. Sweet Ponytail

Sana wore this pretty hairdo to the airport in 2017. It’s both simple and elegant, making her look like a princess.


3. Princess Vibes

When Sana wore her hair like this she definitely looked like a princess. Many fans were comparing her to Princess Aurora from “Sleeping Beauty”!


4. Soft Waves

Sana wore her hair like this when the group was promoting for “Likey”. She looks especially good with her hair in soft waves and the cute accent bow really sets the look apart!


5. Blonde Beauty

Not only does Sana look amazing with blonde hair but her style is completely adorable! She wore this look during the “Cheer Up” era and it certainly could cheer anyone up!


6. Pretty Pink

There is no denying Sana has a knack for looking good with colorful hair. One of her best looks was when she sported this pretty shade of pink.


7. Cute Pigtails

The extra braided touch to these cute pigtails really takes this look over the edge.


8. Airport Expert

Sana debuted this look at the airport. The wispy bangs look so good on her!


9. Purple tips

Sana brought springtime to South Korea in 2017 with this fun purple color! While she probably would have looked nice with all of her hair in this color, she looks particularly striking with just the ends dyed.


10. Silver Hair

Who could forget when Sana rocked silver hair to a baseball game?


11. Sunset Hair

Shortly after the group’s debut, Sana wore this striking hair color. It’s like looking at a beautiful sunset.


12. Debut

No list would be complete without Sana’s debut look. Who could forget her cute wavy pigtails?