12 Photos To Prove NCT’s Taeyong Is Running Out of Colors To Dye His Hair

Not enough colors in the world

NCT‘s Taeyong has dyed his hair in every color in the spectrum. With so many color changes in a short amount of time, fans wonder what he would do once he runs out of colors to dye his hair. Here are 12 photos of him looking good in every color possible.

1. Black – He looks so young!!

2. Blonde – An idol must hair color even amateurs can handle

3. Baby Pink – It’s unfair how much he looks good with pink hair

4. White – Who colors their hair white on purpose? Taeyong.

5. Lavender – Doesn’t he look like a Japanese comic character?

6. Ash Brown – Prince Charming

7. Black with White Tips – Trying out edgy looks

8. Burgandy – Perfect balance to his perfect skin

9. Ice Blue – Bold choice but we like it!

10. Red – All we can say is… Wow…

11. Green – Green can be the most unrealistic color for hair but Taeyong unrealistic good looks pull it off

12. All-in-one – When you’re running out of colors to dye your hair, add them all together