12 Rappers You Should Watch Out For on “Show Me The Money 777”

Meet the rappers who have piqued the Korean public’s interest following the first episode.

1. Osshun Gum

Osshun Gum, also known as Choi Ha Min, finished in 2nd place during the first season of High School Rapper.


He signed with Swings‘s Just Music label and released his first official single “Young Wave”.


2. PH-1

PH-1 is a member of Jay Park’s H1GHR Music label and was given an ALL PASS during the first episode thanks to his high-quality singing rap.


He released his first single in 2017 and even had the opportunity to perform at American music festival, SXSW!


3. Chaboom

Chaboom has been in the K-Hiphop scene since 2010, and has been a huge influence on the young blood.


He has worked with Show Me The Money royalty like Nucksal, Hangzoo, Swings, and more. Now it’s his turn to shine!


4. Nafla

This rapper hails from California and is a member of MK IT RAIN & 42. He’s collaborated with artists like Dumbfounded and Owen Ovadoz


He’s a favourite amongst fans and fellow rappers to win this season!


5. The Ark

This 15-year-old genius lived in China for 10 years, and combines English, Korean and Chinese in his raps.

He blew away all the rappers with his skills, despite his young age. Swings in particular, praised him for understanding the “hip-hop mindset”.


6. Kid Milli

Kid Milli is also a huge favourite to win this entire season. He’s in Indigo Music with rappers like Swings, Young B, and NO:EL.


His 2nd round evaluation has yet to be aired, but there is no doubt that he will impress.


7. Loopy

Loopy is an LA-based, Korean-American rapper who also is a part of MK IT RAIN. 


He is a talent that has been acknowledged by Seo Taeji, and even performed at his 25-year anniversary concert just like BTS.


8. Bully Da Ba$tard

Also known as, Yoon Byung Ho, he was also a popular contestant on High School Rapper.


Although he was nervous during his 2nd round audition, he’s still a definite talent to look out for.


9. Chillin Homie

This 20-year old hails from Pohang, Gyeongsang Province and is a member of the NFL Crew with Webster B, Eptend, Gcityboi


Although he is a new face to the Seoul scene, he showed his incredible talent and received an ALL PASS from the judges.

He proved the truth of his tattoo, “if you are ready, there is nothing to worry about.”


10. Choi Eun Seo

Only rapping for 7 months, Eun Seo impressed the judges and fellow rappers.


Following his performance, he revealed he was born in 2004 — the same year producers The Quiett and Paloalto debuted.


11. Lee Surin

Another former High School Rapper contestant and future trap star, Surin made waves with his easy flow and cool vibes.


It will be exciting to see what kind of style he takes on throughout the competition!


12. Coogie

Coogie released his latest mini-album this year, which featured Woodie Gochild, Superbee, Kid Milli, Nafla, and Loco!

He swayed The Quiett‘s heart with his high-energy flow and killer smile.