12 of Red Velvet’s Most Questionable Stage Outfits

They still slayed every outfit!

It is no doubt that Red Velvet has some of the most interesting concepts in K-Pop. The girl group has had over 15 title tracks with promotions for each one!

(From left to right) Wendy, Seulgi, Irene, Yeri, and Joy | @RVsmtown/Twitter

While the music always delivers in some way, shape, or form, the styling can sometimes be a hit or miss to fans of the SM Entertainment group. Here are 12 times Red Velvet has worn questionable outfits while performing.

1. Neon Green Fuzz Wendy

2. Turquoise Fuzz Irene

3. The Long Beaded Group Ensemble

4. Neon Pink Fuzz Wendy

5. The Infamous One Leg Colored Tights

6. Seulgi’s Vertical Striped, Frilled Button Down Shirt

7. Yeri’s Mismatching Heels

8. Wendy’s Salmon Skirt and Patterened Halter Combo

9. The Dip Dyed Hair Debut

10. The REDMARE Tour Rainbow Heart Dresses


 11. Joy’s Polkadot Blouse

| KOCOWA TV/YouTube 

12. Yeri’s See Through, Red, Maxi Skirt

Although fans thought that these outfits were questionable, the girls still pulled them off confidently!

Red Velvet