Here Are 12 Rumored Trainees Who Will Appear On Produce 101 Japan

Have you found your pick?

After news of Produce 101 Japan being produced, many netizens both in Japan and Korea have been curious about who are the trainees joining. There are 12 rumored trainees who are allegedly participating in the show.

1. Nishino Ryota

Twitter: @RYUTA38265613
Instagram: @nikuzushi_ryuta

2. Nakatani Hyuga

Instagram: @nakatanihyuga

3. Mitsuhi Ryo

Instagram: @1_lupus

4. Nakano Ryunosuka

Instagram: @naka_nosuke

5. Rei Ken

Instagram: @rayken_1

6. Mikato

Instagram: @_mikkiy

7. Mizusawa Ryo

Instagram: @ryo.mizusawa

8. Uehara Jun

Korean netizens were first introduced to Uehara Jun on Produce X 101. He was eliminated from the show and many believe he will be trying out Produce again on Produce 101 Japan.

Instagram: @keepitjune

9. Lee Minhyuk

Lee Minhyuk is the only foreign rumored trainee to be joining the show. He is South Korean.

Instagram: @hyuk.0115

10. Hirano Manato

Instagram: @gavgav927

11. Inayoshi Hakari

Instagram: @hikari054

12. Nazaki Yutaka

Instagram: @yutakanozaki313

Source: TheQoo