12 Sexy Moments Of BTS’s J-Hope Rocking A Suit That Will Make You Say “Oh, S***”

Once you see #8, you’ll never look at J-Hope the same way again.

Being a global superstar, it’s a given that BTS is a fashionable K-Pop group — so it’s only natural for its members, such as BTS‘s J-Hope, to be updated with the latest trends in fashion in the Korean entertainment scene.

And while J-Hope is fond of wearing branded items and quirky airport fashion outfits…

…nothing beats his outstanding visuals whenever he’s rocking different styles of suits, don’t you think?

Well, don’t just take our word for it: go ahead and check out these twelve gorgeous photos of J-Hope and get ready to say “Oh, s***” as you scroll down. You’re welcome!

1. The best choice for a colored hair is a black suit, after all

2. We’re giving this look a full thumbs-up, 100%!

3. His eyes aren’t the only ones shining and shimmering in this photo

4. Why wear boring black when he can also pull off a classic white suit?

5. Well, it’s because an all-black suit suits him, too…get it?

6. Of course, this doesn’t mean he couldn’t experiment and try out a red one, too

7. Or maybe even something that’s not the usual style for suits?

8. As long as it complements his visuals and brings out his gorgeous looks, who are we to complain?

9. When the Universe decided to gift good looks to mankind, J-Hope was obviously present

10. Just like his tie, this man is clearly meant to shine

11. He’s ARMY’s hope…

12. …J-Hope to brighten your day today!

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