12 Swole Idols Who Prove Men In K-Pop Aren’t Just Flowerboys

Underneath these sweet faces lie real beasts.

Some people think all male K-Pop idols are flowerboys or feminine, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Idols work out and in doing so they get pretty buff. There are so many male idols who are ripped but these idols take things to the next level. Make no mistake, once someone catches sight of these muscles, they won’t ever think K-Pop is just made up of flowerboys.


1. Rain

It might be surprising to some people to hear that Rain is actually ridiculously muscular.


He built up all that muscle while preparing for his role in “Ninja Assassin”.


And dang did it work!


2. Wonho (MONSTA X)

Wonho is an idol who is actually known for his muscle thanks to his many shirtless escapades.


But he just keeps building and building on those muscles.


Until we’re left with these incredibly dangerous guns!


3. BM (KARD)

There’s no denying that BM is built AF.


Really, really built.


No wonder they call him “Big Matthew!”

He constantly uploads his progress pictures while he is at the gym, and thank the lord he does.

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4. Minho (SHINee)

Speaking of built, Minho has got some impressive muscles himself!


Chiseled abs, toned arms, and good looks make him a force to be reckoned with.


And those moves with that body could kill anyone!


5. Lee Joon (former MBLAQ member)

Lee Joon‘s muscles can’t be beaten either.


How could you call anyone who does this a flowerboy?


6. Daesung (BIGBANG)

Daesung may be known for his voice but he should also be known for his muscle power.


Every time he worked out led to this amazing scene in “Fantastic Baby”.


And although Taeyang might be known for his muscles, Daesung might be able to give him a run for his money!


7. Baekho (NU’EST W)

Fans were absolutely shocked when they saw Baekho working out during a livestream and caught sight of his toned arms.


His incredibly muscled body really does impress.


8. Minhyuk (BTOB)

Another impressive idol is Minhyuk with his chiseled abs.


He blew everyone away when he posed for Men’s Health and revealed exactly how buff he really was.


9. Hojung (UNB)

The UNB and HOTSHOT singer stunned everyone when he competed in the 2017 MAXQ Muscle Mania Orient Championships.


People had even suspected that photos from the event were fake.


But it was all true!


10. Bobby (iKON)

Bobby might not show them all the time but he’s got some serious muscles hiding under his clothes.


He’s got a full six-pack and major arm muscles to boot!


It makes anyone want to check to see if it’s real!


11. Taecyeon (2PM)

Taecyeon is probably best known for his rap skills or his amazing acting abilities but he’s also got something else he should be known for…


His killer muscular body!


12. Kim Jong Kook

And the list of swole idols wouldn’t be complete without “Sparta-Kook.”


Don’t forget this muscly beast is a member of Turbo!


And nobody’s muscles can quite compare to his.


K-Pop equals flowerboys, not with Kim Jong Kook around!