12 Things That All K-Pop Fans Are Guilty Of Saying At Least Once In Their Life

We’re all guilty as charged!

Sometimes K-Pop rubs off on us in unexpected ways including saying certain things that no one outside of K-Pop does. These words can vary from slipping Korean words into a conversation to telling our idols to stay healthy, but almost every fan is guilty of saying these things!


1. Calling your favorite idols oppa, unnie, hyung, or noona

We’ve heard these terms of endearment used in K-Dramas and even some idols have directly come out and told fans to call them by one of these titles. So if you’ve ever found yourself commenting about Seungri oppa online or slipping a Taeyeon unnie into a conversation don’t feel bad, almost every single K-Pop fan is guilty of it too!


2. “Saranghae oppa.”

In the same vein as calling your idols oppa, unnie, hyung, or noona some fans also love to show their affection by saying they love them!


3. “_____ is ruining my bias list.”

Picking a bias is already hard enough as it is and then you stumble upon someone who’s dance moves are so spectacular they make your heart skip a beat or a different member’s personality just makes you melt. When that happens you can’t help but insert the offender’s name into this sentence!


4. “Get lots of rest. Stay healthy.”

We all know how hard working our idols are so when we feel like their schedule has been super busy lately we just want them to know they have someone caring about them. Even if you’re a fan that hasn’t actually said these words out loud or typed them out online, you know that you were thinking them.


5. “Daebak!”

You know you’ve watched way too many idol reality shows when you start casually slipping Korean expressions like “Daebak” into your speech. But let’s be honest, we’ve all done it whether or not we are fully aware of it!


6. “Legends!”

When our favorite groups release a new bop, we are beyond proud of them! Their music makes our hearts sing and we can’t wait to see what kind of impact they have on the charts. Legends indeed!


7. “Stan talent.”

We all know that idols have major talent. Every single one of them can sing, dance, and has amazing visuals. On top of that, they’ve got their individual personalities and talents which give them a special place in our hearts. And to make sure that anyone who visits a group’s page knows that we love them, we tend to say “Stan talent!”


8. “I love  _____  Entertainment.”

Each company seems to specialize in a particular sound or concept so once you fall in love with one group, you’ll likely develop a particular fondness for their company. This means you’ll start to cheer on other groups from this company and you may even find yourself declaring your love for the company itself!


9. “No, he’s not a girl” or “No, she’s not a boy”

It doesn’t matter how long you have been into K-Pop you’ve probably heard someone say something along the lines of “He looks like a girl” or “She looks like a boy.” This is beyond frustrating as a fan and it takes all of our willpower to just say these words back. Why can’t they understand that Korean beauty standards are different from western ones? Cue heavy sighs!


10. “I’ve got time to listen to one more song.”

This one’s not really said out loud but every fan is guilty of saying this in their head. It could be 2 in the morning but we would still tell ourselves that we’ve got time to listen to one more song and watch one more video. In our defense, with all that great music, it’s hard not to!


11. “Who’s your bias?”

A classic greeting from one K-Pop fan to another. Whether you’re meeting someone in a different fandom or your own, you need to establish who their bias is!


12. Calling other fans intellectuals

There’s no doubt that K-Pop is great and when you find someone else that has seen the glory that is K-Pop we can’t help but acknowledge how smart the other person is. Because K-Pop fans really are intellectuals!