12 Times Alan Kim Stole Both The Show And Our Hearts

When he cries, we cry. 🥺

American Korean drama film Minari has been gaining a lot of recognition due to its touching story. One of its stars in particular has been receiving a lot of attention on his own. 8-year-old Alan Kim, who plays David in the movie, is the new breakout star who not only stole the show but is stealing all of our hearts right now. Here are 12 of his most adorable moments.

1. When he dabbed in an interview

While also basically cosplaying as Woody from Toy Story.

2. When he showed off his look

Would not be surprised if we see him on the cover of GQ Magazine.

3. When he walked the red carpet

No one does it better than Alan Kim.

4. When he won a Critics Choice Award for his role in Minari

When he started crying during his speech, I started crying.

5. When he interviewed his on-screen Grandma, Korean film icon Yuh-Jung Youn

He’s only 8 and is already interviewing legends for Harper’s BAZAAR. Also, the respect they show each other just makes my heart warm up!

6. When he sang “Dynamite”

He revealed that BTS are his favorite K-Pop singers and sang “Dynamite” in an interview with W Korea. Legends stan legends, what can I say?

7. When he adorably mixed up Maroon and Macaroon.

He was trying to say that he likes “Sugar” by Maroon 5. 🥺

8. When he reacted to Minari‘s Golden Globes win

Alan Kim is that supportive friend that we all need.

9. When he showed off his Jimmy Kimmel Live! swag

All in favor of Alan Kim hosting his own talkshow say “Aye!”

10. When he reminded us that what we see on screen isn’t necessarily reality

He’s woke.

11. When he was on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Everything about this interview was amazing, but the fact that he showed up in a suit with his new Taekwondo belt. That in itself will forever be iconic.

12. When he just wanted to be famous

Variety‘s interviewer was trying to ask thoughtful questions on what inspired Alan Kim’s career choice. Alan basically told the guy that it wasn’t that deep.

Source: Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Los Angeles Times and Critics Choice Awards