12 Times B1A4’s Sandeul Proved His Life Is Basically One Long Gag Show

He makes everything funny.

Idols are often outrageously talented, being able to sing, dance, act, and speak multiple languages, but an added level of humor is also a huge bonus.

For B1A4‘s Sandeul, humor seems to be ingrained in him as everything he does is ridiculously (and effortlessly) hilarious, and fans love him for it.

Check out these times when Sandeul’s life was just too funny for words:


1. That time he made no effort at all to look good while changing


2. That time he got elbowed in the chest for no reason


3. That time he tried to hug CNU, but ended up headbutting him instead


4. That time the stage fogger made him look like he had an “accident”


5. That time he accidentally got drunk while taste-testing “coffee wine”


6. That time his ice cream never really belonged to him


7. That time he broke a stage prop but tried to act like nothing happened


8. That time he had too much fun on bouncy gym balls


9. That time he wasn’t sure how a mask worked


10. That time he redefined the “shake shack burger”


11. That time he accidentally ate what wasn’t his to eat


12. That time his hula hoop never really had a chance