12 Times BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Delivered Top-Class Visuals In The Cutest Berets

Berets are such a good look on her!

BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo is a  visual goddess, and has an incredible sense of style to match her top-tier visuals! Here are 12 times Jisoo wore a beret and graced us all with her superior good looks!

1. Jisoo looks so beautiful in this cute beret!


2. Her airport fashion is complimented well by this beret!


3. This red beret looks so cute on her!


4. Jisoo’s the queen of berets!


5. This photoshoot gave us some iconic Jisoo looks!


6. She owns this beret look!


7. Cutie Jisoo popping out with her beret-ed head is everything!


8. Smiley Jisoo is the best Jisoo!


9. Red berets is something Jisoo needs to bring back soon!


10. This print beret was such a look!


11. Jisoo’s killin’ it in this beret!


12. Jisoo in a beret and glasses is such a visual attack!


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