12 Times BTS Embarrassed The Sh*t Out Of Jungkook

Consider it payback for all of Jungkook’s “bullying”.

1. When they danced in public, then asked for money

Jungkook wanted nothing to do with these hyungs when they danced wildly on the streets while on vacation. As if that wasn’t embarrassing enough, they also begged for tips!

All Jungkook could do was curl up in a ball and wait for the humiliation to end.


2. When J-Hope pointed out Jungkook’s bus

J-Hope loudly and repeatedly announced a bus with Jungkook’s name on it, but Jungkook was so shy about it that he pretended not to hear him.


3. When Jimin sang BTS songs in the middle of L.A.

It seems unimaginable now, but BTS once had to convince people to attend their free concert in Los Angeles, California. During an episode of American Hustle LifeJimin sang “Boy in Luv” and “Attack on Bangtan” while passing out flyers, to draw attention.

Jungkook was so mortified that he hid behind V.

He wasn’t the only one suffering though. V couldn’t bear to watch Jimin’s show either!


4. When they made fun of his online shopping

Jungkook stans know that once Jungkook finds a clothing item he likes, like his signature Timberland boots, he’ll wear it for years.

During this BangtanTV clip, V teased Jungkook by claiming that he hadn’t seen Jungkook buy clothes since 2011.

Jin also made fun of Jungkook for buying a nice coat and slacks, since Jungkook is known to dress casually during his downtime.


5. When they teased him about his MCing

Jungkook once co-hosted a segment of Music Core with three fellow idols, including TWICE‘s Sana. The script called for lots of aegyo and cringe-worthy acting so, naturally, BTS had to make fun of him afterward.

After the filming ended, Jungkook’s hyungs were waiting backstage to embarrass him with their spot-on imitations.

They wouldn’t let him live it down!


6. When V brought up a blast from the past

V once embarrassed Jungkook by rewatching one of Jungkook’s old, bare-faced vlogs.

Jungkook tried hitting V to get him to turn off the video. When that didn’t work, Jungkook got up and blocked the staff’s camera!


7. When Jin revealed Jungkook’s “bullying” habit

When Jin was asked why he works out, Jin said that he does it to avoid getting hit by Jungkook.

Flustered, Jungkook tried to defend himself, but it didn’t work.

His members just teased him even more!


8. When BTS’s “Dance Monster” returned

Jungkook literally couldn’t stand to watch RM‘s hilarious, squid-like dance on Weekly Idol. As soon as RM’s arms started to wiggle, Jungkook turned away and crouched down, laughing.


9. When they teased him about his sexy choreography

Watching the BTS members react to their own music videos is always a good time, but it’s especially fun to see what they think of each other’s performances. BTS embarrassed Jungkook by pointing out his sexy jacket-flipping move in the “DNA” MV…

…and his finger-licking part in the “Blood, Sweat, & Tears” MV.


10. When they asked him to describe the difference between a kiss and a peck

Just hearing RM’s answer was embarrassing…

…so answering this question was too much for Jungkook to handle. Jungkook responded to this “dirty” question in the only way he could: by scrubbing it from his body!


11. When J-Hope acted like a loving parent

Jungkook became bashful when J-Hope affectionately petted his head while telling him that he had done a good job. So cute!


12. BONUS: When the staff put a photo of his abs on the big screen

BTS aren’t the only ones who can give Jungkook a cringe attack. Jungkook turned beet-red when this enormous photo of his BBMA ab-flashing stunt showed up during a concert, thanks to the staff.