12 Times BTS’s J-Hope Was Basically The Sexiest Man Alive

He’s literally unreal.

BTS is full of sexy members, and J-Hope is no exception! As the main dancer of the group, some of his hottest moments are when he’s burning up the stage or simply being himself.

If you were ever hesitating to make J-Hope your bias, this is your sign to check him out. See some of his sexiest gifs below!

1. When his hand slid down

ARMYS, can you still breath?

2. When he licked his lips

That was totally unfair!

3. When he turned his back

But cutely gave us a finger heart.

4. When he pushed back his hair

He tugged at our hearts too.

5. When he was breathless

He took our breaths away.

6. When he was confident on stage

Confidence made him fifty times more appealing.

7. When he gave us a little smile

We couldn’t look away.

8. When he removed his jacket

And stole our hearts with him.

9. When he did this dance move

Enough said.

10. When he was flirty and playful

He can play with us any day.

11. When he was half asleep

His eyes were smoldering.

12. And finally, when he gave us this smirk

He’s out of this world.

J-Hope, the man you are today!


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