12 Times BTS’s Jimin Showed Off His Adorably Pouty “Beak” Lips

#6 is so cute!

BTS‘s Jimin is a visual through and through. Arguably one of his best features that make him so good looking is his full lips. His pouty and “beak” lips often become hot topics in South Korea…for good reason.

Check out some photo and gif proof below!

1. When “RUN BTS” highlighted them

2. When he was a baby

3. When he was bothering a member

4. When he looked like the duck plushie

5. When his lips matched his hair

6. When he was pouty AF

7. When he had a drink and looked like Bart

8. When lipstick was put on him

9. When he couldn’t use a straw

10. When he rubbed his lips

11. When he blew out a candle

12. And when he’s just being himself

BONUS: When a fan made a compilation of Jimin’s “beak” lips

Source: Pann