12 Times BTS’s V Blessed Us With His Unbeatable Bare-Faced Visuals

We have no words.

With his symmetrical features, small face, and endless charisma, BTS‘s V is no stranger to being called a visual. While his stage and TV makeup amplify his good looks, his bare face is undoubtedly just as gorgeous.

Check out some of the best examples below!

1. A live broadcast can’t hide his good looks

2. His “On Vacation” face is the best, really

3. He’s heart-stopping even when just laying around

4. No amount of sweat can detract from his visuals

5. He’s gorgeous even in a PC Bang

6. He can give the most adorable smiles

7. Imagine him looking straight at you?

8. He’s bare-faced and full of beauty

9. He looks even fresher without makeup

10. No one can deny V’s visuals

11. How does his skin look so good?

12. It’s official, bare-faced V is a superior V

He’s a top-tier visual no matter what!

Source: Twitter