12 Times BTS’s V Cutely Struggled To Communicate In Different Languages — Including Korean

Namjoon couldn’t believe V actually said #11.

BTS is such a worldwide phenomenon with millions of fans all over the world.

It’s no wonder why its members try their hardest to communicate with the fans in different languages.

Not everyone has a perfect day so it’s normal for the members to struggle once in a while.

Here are 10+ times BTS‘s cutely struggled to communicate in different languages:

1. When his favorite food seemed unique

After confidently introducing himself in Chinese, V was asked by the host what his favorite food is.

He wasn’t fluent in the language yet, so he thanked the host and gracefully made his exit.

2. V almost revealing that he’s actually an immortal being

Perhaps he drank the fountain of youth and he just accidentally outed himself on television?

3. When Korean and Japanese both seemed hard

He was too busy concentrating on his Japanese studies that he temporarily forgot how to speak Korean.

4. When he said what every student has said in their lives

When you want to be sleepy, just go ahead and pick up a book.

5. When he tried to introduce BTS in English but he decided to abandon his plan

At least we got a glimpse of his cute face instead, right?

6. When no one in the group knew what he was talking about

The question posed by Jungkook seemed direct enough…

…and V gladly nominated Jin as his answer. Jin wanted to hear his reasoning…

…but everyone was confused as to what he was talking about.

7. It’s a common mistake, for sure

8. That time when he literally asked for “time” and everyone thought he meant “watch”

Sometimes, you don’t need to correct him — he actually knows what he’s saying.

9. When V revealed that BTS is moonlighting as magicians

He said they would improve their magic and the group was confused as a whole.

10. Fans = family

With the way V treats ARMYs as family, it’s no surprise he confused the word “fans” with “family members”, don’t you think?

11. He’s sexy, all right

If BTS wasn’t formed, what would V be? A saxophone star, of course.

Some words are better pronounced in your mother tongue, after all…

There — sounds better, doesn’t it?

12. “Kilala nyo ba ako?”

When he shouted “Kilala nyo ba ako?” which translated to “Do you know who I am?”, the whole arena shook with agreement.