12 Times BTS V and Jungkook’s Relationship Was Too Cute For Words

These two are just too adorable together.

The two youngest members of BTS are always known to have each other’s backs and take care of each other, and these few moments remain special in the hearts of ARMY everywhere.


1. When they made up this totally cool secret handshake.


2. When Jungkook literally carried V on his shoulders during a performance.


3. When Jungkook called V in the middle of filming to check up and make sure he got home safely.


4. When V was bothering Jungkook so he picked him up and physically moved him away.


5. When Jungkook put up V’s hair in this legendary ponytail.


6. They share elephant moles! 


7. The time V felt sick so Jungkook watched over him at the airport (along with Manager Sejin).


8. This unforgettable hamburger ad from Rookie King.


9. When they’re always telling each other secrets.


10. When this almost happened.

11. When Jungkook was the true maknae he is and used to sit with V all the time.


12. When V sat in Jungkook’s lap and said: “You’re mine!”