12 Times Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon Was An Ethereal Visual In Soft, Curly Hair

Her curly hair is definitely iconic!

Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon is known for her big voice, but she equally dominates when she’s seen with big hair! Here are 12 times Taeyeon was a gorgeous beauty in curly hair, and served refreshing visuals to fans!

1. These curly braids are such an iconic Taeyeon look!


2. Blonde Taeyeon is so superior!


3. But brown-haired Taeyeon is also a whole cutie!


4. Taeyeon with this hair and outfit is a whole lotta sexy, and we’re here for it!


5. Her pink hair is so iconic!


6. Black-haired Taeyeon is a whole visual!


7. She looks ethereal in these photos!


8. She’s beautiful with this hair!


9. Such elegant visuals!


10. These curls make her look so pretty!


11. Taeyeon with braided curly hair is everything!


12. This whole look is legendary!

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