12 Times Idols Secretly Featured In Songs And Nobody Noticed

You may have not noticed these idols featuring in these songs!

IU’s “Secret Garden” feat. Sunwoo Jung A

Sungwoo Jung A was featured in IU’s Secret Garden as part of the backing vocals. The two talented singer-songwriters have previously worked together on IU’s “Jam Jam” and Sungwoo Jung A’s “CAT”.


2. Taemin’s “Drip Drop” feat. Alice Vicious

Alice Vicious was the voice behind the chorus in Taemin’s “Drip Drop”.


3. Lee Hi’s “Scarecrow” feat. Pink Punk (BLACKPINK)

Pink Punk made their unofficial debut in Lee Hi’s “Scarecrow”. The Pink Punk members who participated in the chorus of the song consisted of the 7 original members before 4 of them debuted as BLACKPINK.


4. MBLAQ’s “Oh Yeah” feat. HyunA

HyunA is featured on MBLQ’s “Oh Yeah” as part of the female chorus.


5. Taeyang’s “Ma Girl” feat. Seungri

Seungri is featured in Taeyang’s “Ma Girl” as the chorus in various parts throughout the song.


6. T-ara’s “Sugar Free” feat. LE

LE participated in T-ara’s “Sugar Free” as part of the chorus.


7. Jewelry’s “Look At Me” feat. LE

The talented artist is also featured in parts of Jewelry’s “Look At Me” as the chorus.


8. Dalshabet’s “B.B.B” feat. Solji

The former vocal trainer participated in various parts throughout Dalshabet’s “B.B.B”.


9. T-ara’s “Lie” feat. Lee Haeri (Davichi)

Davichi’s Lee Haeri sings high notes in T-ara ‘s “Lie” as well as T-ara & Supernova’s “TTL (Time to Love)”.


10. Taeyang’s “Love You to Death” feat. CL

CL is featured in Taeyang’s “Love You to Death” as well as other YG songs before her debut.


11. BIGBANG’s “We Like 2 Party” feat. Park Bom

Park Bom sings the harmony with Taeyang as well as in the chorus in “We Like 2 Party”. Listen carefully and you’ll be able to hear her subtle voice!


12. BTOB’s “Blowin Up” feat. CLC Sorn

CLC’s Sorn was credited as part of the chorus in BtoB’s “Blowin Up”.