12 Times Koreans Were A Complete Mystery To The Rest Of The World

Koreans are super cool, but they have their WTF moments.

1. Skinship between men is OK, but Skinship between a man and a woman is NOT

If you’re not in a serious relationship it is NOT ok to show any form of “skinship,” but between men, it is acceptable to touch each other in all sorts of places, without the fear that you’d be labeled gay.

2. Aegyo

A phenomenon performed by both males and female in which it is acceptable to act extremely cute and adorable.

3. Low cut shirts=NOT OK, Wearing mini-mini skirts= OK

Showing any amount of cleavage is bound to get some stares and head shakes from the local ajummas but feel free to show as much leg as you’d like.

4. Using Mannequins dressed as construction workers

This is either the most useless or ingenious idea ever.

5. Nearly no garbage cans anywhere.

You literally become a walking trash can…or you can create a pile of trash like this on the streets.

6. Traffic laws are almost non-existent.

Or very easily broken at least. Cars and public buses disobey red lights all the time and don’t be surprised if you see a car or motorbike on the sidewalk.

7. Everyone follows the latest trends.

To the point that you’ll feel like you’re in the matrix or some weird parallel universe where people wear the same thing. The latest MUST-HAVE item on the streets are these long padding coats.

8. Decorative bathroom stall decals.

Because who wouldn’t want this woman giving you a thumbs up while a little girl takes your picture while handling your business?

9. Celebrating their favorite idols birthdays by purchasing ads on public transportation

And yes that includes Jesus, too.


10. Cultural statues

You’ll only understand this if you know that they are playing a popular Korean children’s game. Otherwise, it just looks like they’re forming some bizarre human centipede.


11. Toilet paper belongs in the garbage, not the toilet

Due, in large part, to older plumbing in and under many of Korea’s buildings, it is customary to place used toilet paper in a bin next to the toilet… along with everyone else’s used TP.

Image Source: Seoulistic

12. Costco Kimchi/Onion Saladding

Costco and IKEA Korea, as they do in the US, provide chopped onions in a dispenser as a condiment for their hot dogs. Unlike their American counterparts, however, Korean IKEA and Costco shoppers don’t put the onions on their hot dogs at all! Instead, if you ever find yourself in a Korean Costco, you will witness customers filling plates with the chopped onions and dousing them with plenty of ketchup and mustard to create their own side dish—a bizarre and innovative salad.

Image Source: Sweet Pickles and Corn