12 Times “Run BTS!” Editors Openly Professed Their Love For Jungkook

They love him, we love him, who doesn’t love him?

From his handsomeness to his athletic abilities, the Run BTS! editors just can’t stop falling for Jungkook‘s charms. Here are 12 of the many times they were ready to risk it all for him!

1. When they got wet and wild

The editors added a flirty song to this close-up of Jungkook slicking back his wet hair. Which song, you ask? “I’m Your Man” by Leonard Cohen. The lyrics, which trail off in the clip, are, “If you want a lover, I’ll do anything you ask me to.” Well, then…

| Run BTS!/V Live 

2. That time they exposed us all

When Jungkook worked up a sweat at tennis practice, the editors said what ARMYs everywhere were thinking.

| Run BTS!/Weverse
| Run BTS!/Weverse

(Dear Editors, stay out of our heads, please!)

| Run BTS!/Weverse

3. This confession

They couldn’t keep it to themselves!

4. This medical warning

He’s a hazard to our health, but he’s worth it!

| Run BTS!/V Live

5. Every time they called him BTS’s “baby”

| Run BTS!/V Live
| Run BTS!/V Live

6. Wait, whose baby is he really?

The editors’, apparently.

BTS | Run BTS!/V Live

7. The Jungkook Effect

Can anyone resist his charms?

| Run BTS!/V Live

8. This iron-clad reasoning

Why did the editors replay this moment? Because it’s awesome. Period.

9. When they gushed about his puffy cheeks

Jungkook’s wisdom tooth surgery made his cheeks swell, but according to the editors, that just made him more adorable!

| Run BTS!/V Live

10. When they compared him to candy

What kind of eyes?

| Run BTS!/V Live
| Run BTS!/V Live

11. When they couldn’t get enough of “Detective Jungkook”

This scene of Jungkook dancing at BTS’s police station was replayed not once, not twice, but three times…

…and it still wasn’t enough!

12. Another confession

Who can relate?

| Run BTS!/V Live

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