12 Times SM Entertainment Made Typos On Artists’ Merchandise

Have you spotted these before?

While making a mistake once or twice may be acceptable, SM Entertainment is now known for making typos on their artists’ official merchandise. Here’s 12 times they made mistakes:

1. SuperM

They misspelled Ten as Tae.

2. Taemin

Taenin instead of Taemin.


TVXQ’s title track was “Fate” and not “Faith.”

4. Address

They misspelled the address for a pre-recording location. They wrote ‘Goyang-ee’ instead of ‘Goyang-si’.


They wrote NTC DREAM instead of NCT DREAM.

6. Girls’ Generation

They misspelled ’11th Year Anniversary’ as ’11th Yrar Annivrrsary’.

7. Girls’ Generation

They spelled the group name wrong as ‘Girls’ Generration’.

8. EXO

They misspelled Baekhyun‘s name as ‘Backhyun’.

They added these name stickers so that fans could fix the spelling of his name.

9. SHINee

They wrote EXO on the track list of a SHINee DVD.

10. Red Velvet

They made a typo on the lyrics for Red Velvet‘s “Umpah Umpah” fan chant guide. The first verse is supposed to be “to look in your eyes” while the second verse is supposed to be “to keep step,” but they put the lines for verse 1 in both parts.

11. EXO

They wrote TVXQ on a guideline announcement for EXO.

12. Super Junior

They misspelled Super Junior Yesung’s first solo album name Here I am as ‘Hear I am’ on a huge poster that was hung outside of the Coex building.

Have you seen any other funny typos on K-Pop merchandise? Let us know!