12 Times TWICE’s Dahyun Was A Total Cutie In Pretty Berets

Dahyun in berets is a superior concept!

TWICE‘s Dahyun pulls of colorful hair all the time, and she can pull off the prettiest hats, too! She’s seen in berets often, and she always looks really cute in them! Here are 12 times Dahyun wore a beret, and was an adorable visual in them!

1. This beret is so cute on her!


2. She’s serving looks with this beret!


3. Such a cutie!


4. This black beret is adorable!


5. Visual queen!


6. Pink is such a nic color on her!


7. This black, studded beret looks so nice on her!


8. Such a cute plaid beret!


9. So pretty!


10. Her visuals are unreal!


11. Berets are definitely her style!


12. This beret totally complete Dahyun’s airport look nicely!