13 Extremely Revealing Stage Outfits That Were Almost Banned

They were considered too revealing.

1. Year 7 Class 1

Due to the group and concept representing a high school class, it was ruled inappropriate to sexualize the girls using such provocative dances. When the group first performed the choreography for “Always”, the youngest member was only 15 years old.

2. Girl’s Generation – Tiffany & Taeyeon

When Tiffany and Taeyeon covered “Lady Marmalade”, they wore some sexy Moulin Rouge style costumes that made fans go wild.

3. AOASeolhyun

For their comeback, all the girls wore spy-like skintight leather custom outfits, but the most eye-popping was, by far, Seolhyun’s one piece outfit. With a transparent midriff section, no shoulders, and hints of cleavage, fans rated it the sexiest and most revealing of the group.

4. Stellar

Stellar’s sexy outfits and sexier dance moves had everyone watching their “Vibrato” music video over and over again.

5. Dal Shabet

Dal Shabet laid all their cards on the table when they wore these sexy, lingerie-style Joker outfits.

6. Miss A – Suzy

During an event in Beijing, Suzy was photographed wearing a revealing, striped crop top and a short, leather skirt.

7. EXID – Junghwa

Fans expressed their outrage over Junghwa’s revealing outfits for “Every Night”. She was just 17 at the time.

8. Hello Venus

When Hello Venus’ “Wiggle Wiggle” came out, they became an instant topic of discussion, due to their sexy outfits and provocative choreography.


During KBS’s Music Festival show, SISTAR performed “So Cool” in very short red dresses that instantly made their song go viral.

10. Bambino – Hadam

In addition to wearing incredibly short shorts, Hadam shocked viewers by not wearing safety pants underneath them.

11.  WA$$UP

This girl group has been pushing sexy concepts since their debut video for “WA$$up”, in which they twerked like there was no tomorrow. They continued to show their scandalous side in these revealing black and red outfits.

12. Laysha  – Goeun

Goeun performed in a bathing suit style outfit and heels during this sexy, 2015 performance.

13. Chic Angel  – Sora

Chic Angel didn’t leave much to the imagination when they performed in these short denim shorts and bra tops.