13 Of BLACKPINK’s Most Gorgeous Gowns That Will Leave You Stunned By Their Beauty

Which is your favorite?

The BLACKPINK members are always so beautiful that it’s hard to believe, but their beauty arguably shines most when they wear gowns. Whether they are wearing short gowns, long gowns, or something in between, they always look so gorgeous that it leaves fans stunned! Check them out below!

1. Rosé’s dual gown

2. Jennie’s fiery red gown

3. Lisa’s floral gown

4. Jisoo’s embellished gown

5. Rosé’s sparkly white gown

6. Jennie’s halter gown

7. Jisoo’s green Dior gown

8. Rosé’s sequined red gown

9. Jennie’s floral gown

10. Lisa’s starry sky gown

11. Jennie’s sheer gown

12. Rosé’s high-low gown

13. Jennie’s lace gown