13 Hairstyles And Colors Jeongyeon Has Rocked Since TWICE’s Debut

She can pull off pretty much any color and cut!

Jeongyeon is mostly known for being styled with short, boyish looks, but that’s far from all the hairstyles she’s had over the years! From short crops to flowing locks, this gorgeous idol has shown how versatile she can be when it comes to hair styling. Here are 13 different looks she’s had since TWICE‘s debut.

1. When she debuted with her iconic boyish cut for “Like OOH AHH”

2. Her slightly longer and darker look for “Cheer Up”

3. The even slightly longer and now blonde style she had in “TT”

4. The adorable space buns she had in “Knock Knock”

5. The retro curly look she had for “Signal”

6. The reddish-brown bob she was styled with in “Likey”

7. The flowing blonde bob she had for “Heart Shaker”

8. This gorgeous pink shade she was styled with during the “What Is Love” era

9. And the equally bright and colorful shade of teal she had for TWICE’s cover of “I Want You Back”

10. The first time she had hair past her shoulders for “Dance the Night Away”

11. When she slayed us with dramatic long bangs for “Yes or Yes”

12. The stunning long, dark locks she had in “Fancy”

13. And finally, the elegant return to a bob for “Feel Special”, in black this time