These Are 13 Hairstyles That Hwasa Has Slayed Us With Since MAMAMOO’s Debut

She can rock absolutely anything

When you have confidence like MAMAMOO‘s Hwasa, it doesn’t matter what you wear – you will always look good. Some of her hairstyles over the years have been daring and bold, but she’s owned all of them, amazing us with her self-confidence and powerful stage presence. Here are 13 different hairstyles she’s had over the years since MAMAMOO’s debut, to show how drastically they have changed!

1. The super short cut she debuted with for “Mr. Ambiguous”

2. The slightly longer ombre look she wore for “Piano Man”

3. The curly brown bob cut she had in “Um Oh Ah Yeh” and “Taller Than You”

4. The shocking blonde transformation she had in “Ahh Oop!”

5. The curled fiery look she sported for “You’re the Best”

6. The dramatic black bob she changed to for “New York” and “Decalcomanie”

7. The long dark curls she slayed with in “Yes I Am”

8. The long, sleek black hair she had in “Paint Me”

9. Back to gorgeous long curls for “Starry Night” and “Egotistic”

10. The long reddish-brown style she had for “Wind Flower”

11. And once more, the return of stunning black locks for “Twit” and “Gogobebe”

12. Back to her iconic bob cut, now in black, for “Hip”

13. And for the 2019 MAMAs… This shocking green bob for MAMAMOO’s performances!