Here Are 10+ Hairstyles That TWICE’s Dahyun Has Had Us Swooning With Since Debut

It’s been ever-changing!

Like most idols, the members of TWICE had had numerous hair styles and colors throughout the years with each comeback. Dahyun in particular has had some really colorful ones, especially from when the group first debuted! Her bright, youthful energy really suits bright colors, but she has also effortlessly pulled off more neutral colors over the years as well. Here are 10+ colors and cuts she has had for comebacks since TWICE debuted!

1. The cute and memorable pink/orange ombre locks she debuted with for “Like OOH AHH”

2. Then the blue/blonde ombre look she had for “Cheer Up”

3. Her sweet ginger-colored look for “TT”

4. The flattering dark red-brown hair she had for “Knock Knock”

5. The curly ash blonde styles she had in “Signal”

6. Her first very dark-haired look for “Likey”

7. The adorable bun she was styled with for “Heart Shaker”

8. Her jet black hair she had for “What is Love?”

9. The beachy golden waves she rocked for “Dance the Night Away”

10. The gorgeous purple ombre look she had in “Yes or Yes”

11. The stunning metallic blue color she wowed us with in “Fancy”

12. The silver-ish tones she switched to for “Breakthrough”

13. And most recently, her platinum blonde look for “Feel Special”

It’ll be interesting to see what color she pulls off next!