13 Insanely Beautiful BTS Makeup Ideas That Can Be Added To Any Makeup Repertoire

Just some inspiration fo’ you!

K-Pop is full of amazing beauty trends that always stun fans. Each comeback comes complete with a completely new look that we can’t help but fall in love with and that is especially true for BTS. They have some jaw-dropping looks that are beyond gorgeous. It’s hard to pick out just a couple of these looks but here are a couple that really stood out and will inspire you to create your own look!


1. Jungkook’s soft bronze lids

The color on Jungkook‘s eyes is beyond stunning during the Wings photoshoot. It’s slightly bronzy and just a tad bit rose gold and we can’t help but fall in love with the how ethereal he looks here.


2. Jimin’s smokey eye in “Blood Sweat & Tears”

Did you fall in love with Jimin as soon as you saw him in “Blood Sweat & Tears”? While you were probably already head over heels for him before this moment, his iconic smoky eye look during this era is beyond beautiful and could knock anyone over with a feather.


3. Suga’s sweet freckles

Before The Most Beautiful Moment In Life era, Suga had a totally bad boy concept that honestly totally worked. But when they gave him a softer edge during this era we were all introduced to a different side of Suga that we can’t get out of our heads.


4. V’s “DNA” soft gray waves

We don’t know what you think but those soft waves V was rocking in the “DNA” era were heartstopping to us!


5. RM’s peachy look during “War of Hormone”

There were some pretty intense looks during the groups “War of Hormone” era that we can’t help but fall in love with. And during this time we got to see RM experimenting with some color like this lovely shade of pink.


6. Jungkook’s shimmery lids

The boys had some major aesthetics going during the “Most Beautiful Moment In Life Pt. 1” era. For example, we’ve got Jungkook here with some flawless dewy skin and mesmerizing shimmery lids. It’s impossible not to love this look.


7. Jimin’s pink everything

The You Never Walk Alone photoshoot was one of the most beautiful photoshoots in history and if someone doesn’t agree just show them this picture! From his pink hair to his pink highlighter no one, and I mean no one, can say this wasn’t a magical time in BTS history!


8. Jin’s rose gold lids

Speaking of pink, can we all seriously appreciate what a vision Jin is in “Blood Sweat & Tears”? Worldwide handsome indeed!


9. Suga’s rosy cheeks

We told you The Most Beautiful Moment In Life era was great! In the first part there were Suga‘s freckles and then in the second part we were blessed with some rosy cheeks!


10. J-Hope’s bold eyes

Remember all the bold looks BTS totally rocked in their first couple of years? Yeah, we do too! I mean how could you not when J-Hope pulled off such a bold look with ease!


11. V’s purple hair in “War of Hormone”

Purple hair and a slight smokey eye fit the “War of Hormone” era so perfectly. Plus this is the look that most ARMYs are desperately wishing for a comeback! We can’t say that we aren’t secretly hoping so too!


12. Everyone’s subtle colors as the 2017 AMAs

BTS shook the whole world when they appeared at the AMAs. Between the subtle hits of color each of the boys had, their non-makeup makeup look just showed how naturally gorgeous each of them is!


13. Soft pastels of “Idol”

The boys went with some fun and funky colors in their clothes but opted for more muted shades in their makeup and we have to say it works really, really well!


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