13 Korean Love Songs To Play At Your Wedding

#3 always makes me cry with joy…

1. “Without You By My Side” – Jang Beomjune

This song was written for Beomjune‘s wife and samples the traditional wedding march. “I’ll try to be more like you, forever” is a lyric that captures the essence of marriage in a heartbeat.

2. “Always” – Yoon Mirae

The theme song of Song Song couple inΒ Descendants of the Sun, this number may have you tearing up as you listen to the lyrics “One day you came to me like a dream / you shook up my heart / I knew it was destiny.” Aww!

3. “For Life” – EXO

Remember when D.O. sang the English version of this at Kim Ki Bang’s wedding? Proof that this is a gorgeous song that must be played at your wedding.

4. “Dreaming” – Han Hee Jung

This was the song that played in the background as we watched Kim Bok Joo and Jung Jun Hyeong fall in love. This dreamy, acoustic tune is for those dreaming that they have found eternal happiness.

5. “Marry U” – Super Junior

This iconic proposal song from Super Junior had everyone ready to fill the empty space on their fourth fingers. E.L.F. – this may be the song for you!

6. “Fate” – Lee Sun Hee

If you’re looking for something with a traditional Korean twist, check out this OST from “The King and The Clown”. On your wedding day, you should definitely be thinking “Will I ever experience another day as gorgeous as today?

7. “I Confess” – FT Island

This cute, acoustic song from FT Island may be more your taste. The song is light-sounding but it promises to “try harder for you every day” just like you’ll be promising to your spouse on the big day!

8. “All Of My Life” – Park Won

Maybe a classic ballad is what you’re looking for. Make sure you listen to “All Of My Life” by Park Won, as he simply states that “you are all of my life.

9. “U R” – Taeyeon

If your future wife or husband is the light of your life, perhaps this song will be the one you share your first dance to as Taeyeon sings “U R / the light that shines down on me”.

10. “Listen to the Letter” – Forty

This soft, acoustic letter delivered in the form of a song starts with one of the most gorgeous lines in Korean music. “I want to bring that star and gift it to your two hands“. Wow, that is commitment.

11. “Uphill Road” – Yoon Jong Shin

While the wedding day is full of happiness, there is no doubt that marriage is an uphill road. This love song acknowledges the difficulties ahead but assures the listener that “our path is as beautiful as the climb“.

12. “Romeo N Juliet” – Clazziquai Project

If you’re searching for a jazzy, light-hearted song – this might be the one. “Romeo N Juliet” is a sweet duet for lovers promising to end every day and night together.

13. “Way Back Home” – BTOB

In the end, the person you marry is supposed to be your home. “Way Back Home” expresses this special relationship perfectly as they sing “I will always wait so you can rest peacefully.

Happy wedding planning!🎊