13 K-Pop Inspired Looks That Will Make You Want To Get Your Makeup Out ASAP

Look just like an idol (or a K-Pop music video!) with these amazing tutorials

While it may be hard for regular people to pull off the incredible visuals of idols, that doesn’t keep some from trying, and oftentimes succeeding! There are many talented makeup artists on YouTube that have been inspired by idols, K-Pop music videos, or even K-Pop albums to make some gorgeous looks. Here are 13 times that artists have made amazing creations inspired by the K-Pop industry.

1. This colorful “Ko Ko Bop” inspired look

The bright, tropical vibes of this EXO-inspired look will make you feel like you’re on an island vacation.

2. This tutorial that will make you look like ATEEZ’s San

This gorgeous glittery red eye look inspired by San’s “Answer” visuals will make you look just like the talented idol.

3. Make your eyes look as sharp as Yeji’s with this tutorial

Get the signature look of this rookie girl idol by watching this simple but accurate tutorial!

4. Slay everyone with this Seulgi-inspired look

Seulgi’s visuals are hard to match, but you can do your best by watching this subtly smokey tutorial.

5. You’ll do anything but kill love with this Jennie-inspired makeup

Inspired by Jennie’s visuals in “Kill this Love”, this elegant red and gold look will make anyone fall in love.

6. Proof that all you need is an album for inspiration with his “Love Yourself”-colored look

The gorgeous pastels of this eye look are strikingly similar to those on BTS’s album!

7. Speaking of BTS, here’s a tutorial on how to make yourself look a little more like Jungkook

This tutorial recreates the smokey bronze look that the maknae once stunned us all with.

8. This pretty floral look inspired by EXO’s “Blooming Day”

Here’s another EXO-inspired look, and the colorful flowers contrasting with the teal background is stunning.

9. Channel your inner Hwasa with this cute look

You might not have Hwasa’s insane level of confidence and charisma, but you can do your best to fake it with this tutorial for her “Gogobebe” look!

10. This look might be better for Halloween, but it’s still lovely!

Inspired by BTS’s BTS WORLD album, this look makes it seem like you’re peeling away your outer shell to show a beautiful galaxy underneath.

11. This tasty eye makeup inspired by Red Velvet’s “Power Up”

The bright colors and fruity theme of this look might just make you hungry!

12. This very simple but pretty look inspired by Nayeon is classically Korean

Korean beauty is all about less is more, and this look proves that you don’t need much to make your visuals look flawless.

13. And finally, this sweet look inspired by the official colors of SEVENTEEN

Rose quartz and serenity feature prominently in this sweet, elegant look.