Here Are 13 K-Pop Songs That You Need In A Dance Playlist

Get on your dancing shoes!

With winter coming to an end, the sky still seems a bit grey, and it is the perfect time to stay warm indoors! That doesn’t mean you have to stay confined to your couch, depriving yourself of fun!

These 15 songs will have you out of your seats and jumping around the house without even caring who might be watching!

1. BTS “Dynamite”

“Dynamite” achieved over 100 million views on YouTube and became one of the hottest tracks in 2020 for a good reason! With the video’s pastel colors and powerful lyrics, it is enough to wash away your winter blues!

2. BLACKPINK “Ddu-Du Ddu-Du”

BLACKPINK’s “Ddu-Du Ddu-Du” is not one of the most successful K-Pop songs for no reason! It is upbeat, catchy, and full of strong energy to keep you dancing along!

3. TWICE “Dance The Night Away”

It might be dull outside, but put TWICE’s track on, and it is enough to transport you to a warm and sunny beach somewhere exotic!

4. EXO “Loveshot”

From the classic block-colored suits to the iconic dance move, EXO’s “Loveshot” is the perfect track to turn up the music to and release your inner style!

5. TWICE “Fancy”

No matter what they release, TWICE always treats their fans to something extremely catchy. “Fancy” is like the perfect dance track to release some of the trapped energy!

6. Super Junior “Sorry, Sorry”

“Sorry, Sorry” is another classic that, whenever it comes on, you can’t help but dance along to like it is 2009.

7. ITZY “Dalla Dalla”

ITZY are always known for their songs which you cannot help but get up and start dancing! “Dalla Dalla” is one song that every K-Pop fan knows and it’s iconic dance is a must to learn!

8. ATEEZ “Answer”

With ATEEZ’s amazing talent and a strong concept, “Answer,” is the perfect power track to get you moving. If you have time, why don’t you try learning the dance too!

9. Aespa “Black Mamba”

It might not be the easiest song to dance to, but nobody will ever doubt your effort if you dance along to this track!

10. NCT U “Make A Wish (Birthday Song)”

Even if it is not your birthday, why should you not celebrate every day as if it is? Go ahead and treat yourself with some cake to really get in the mood for this song!

11. BTS “IDOL”

With bright colors and a catchy tune, you cannot hear BTS’s “IDOL” without tapping your foot. You might as well get up and attempt the complicated and visually pleasing choreography!

12. SHINee “Replay”

How can you resist putting on some classic SHINee? This song sent the band into K-Pop stardom and is still as captivating today as it was when it was first released!

13. PENTAGON “Shine”

With a choreography as addictive as its tune, forget all about Fortnite and dance along with PENTAGON!