13 K-Pop Stage Mistakes That Fans Are Secretly In Love With

These mistakes are too amazing not to love!

Even with tons of practice and many flawless performances, stage accidents are bound to happen every once and a while. And sometimes those mistakes find a special place in fans’ hearts because of how unnoticeable they were, how quick the recovery was, or just because they were so darn cute! Here are just a few K-Pop stage mistakes that fans have fallen in love with over the years!


1. The time BTS’s V was so into “Bapsae” he forgot where he needed to be

Fans love this particular performance of “Bapsae” because V was so into the performance that he didn’t realize he was in the wrong position…until he accidentally bumped into RM that is! Then a few quick sneaks later and he was back on track!


2. When BIGBANG’s G-Dragon took a little spill because he was so excited

Before G-Dragon was officially G-Dragon, he made an appearance in Perry‘s “Storm”. Full of swag even at a young age, even a slight tumble on stage didn’t diminish his performance!


3. The time Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany became entangled in confetti

Confetti can be incredibly pretty but it can also be enemy number one when you’re performing on stage, just ask Tiffany! During one performance of “Gee” Tiffany got so tangled up in the streamers…


That she needed a little extra help from her members to free herself! Add in her members pointing to her during the “pabo” part of the line and her cute “sorry” and SONEs have been a fan of this particular goof up since it happened!


4. When WINNER’s Mino dropped the mic on the beat in “Okey Dokey”

The first mic toss was planned…the second not so much. But everyone can’t get over how Mino managed to drop the mic right as the music dropped too!


5. The rising platform fail with Super Junior

Super Junior knew they needed to move backward to get on the rising platform during “Evanesce” but they just didn’t move back far enough!


Luckily, amid all the confusion, the platform was lowered once more for the members to climb aboard!


But surprisingly that wasn’t the first time that’s happened! During a different performance, Heechul totally forgot about it and continued performing like a total boss!


6. Triple H’s great catch

During one stage of “Retro Future”, Hyuna took a bit of a tumble and was quickly swept up by E’Dawn. Fans can’t get over how smooth this particular sequence of events was.


7. SEVENTEEN Joshua’s way ahead of the rest

During the premiere stage of “Pretty U”, Joshua was one step ahead of the rest of his members during this particular part of the song. It wasn’t until later that Carats realized this was actually a mistake since it looked like it was intentional. But fans favorite part of this particular goof up is that the group later built it into the choreography a the end of promotions!


8. SHINee’s “no mistake here” mistake

While performing “Dream Girl” on M! Countdown, Minho trips on his mic stand and it accidentally breaks.


But with some smooth moves and great teamwork, many people didn’t even notice what had happened until some eagle-eyed viewers spotted it!


In fact, it’s still a little hard to tell what all happened without this breakdown video!


9. The time TWICE’s Chaeyoung went left instead of right

This cute mistake caught ONCEs eyes because it was just so darn adorable! While performing “Likey” Chaeyoung ended up heading in the wrong direction. While the rest of the members rolled with it, Chaeyoung was quick to scoot back into the proper place when the time was right.


10. Hyolyn’s shoes disaster

At the very beginning of SISTAR‘s performance of “So Cool” at Ewha Woman’s University, Hyolyn‘s shoe broke. But what caught everyone’s attention was how she handled the wardrobe malfunction!


11. Oh My Girl YooA’s cute mistake

Since JinE left the group, YooA was in charge of her part but there was one time that she completely forgot about it. At least for a moment!


12. The time NCT’s Jisung got all tangled together

Confetti has been a huge problem in the past but apparently fringe is just as dangerous! During a performance of “My First And Last”, Jisung caught a lot of attention when his sleeves got all tangled up!


13. BTS RM showing off Jungkook’s abs

RM sometimes forgets his own strength, like the time he ripped open Jungkook‘s shirt during a performance of “Fake Love”!

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