13 Little Things That Idols Always Do That Make Every Fan’s Life Harder

These things are also extremely deadly!

Idols can make us laugh and smile but, unfortunately, they can do something much worse! Our idols have the ability to make our lives just a little bit harder with their heart attack powers. How do they do this? With some of these little things!


1. Their killer smiles

Showing their teeth…


Or just their lips.


Doing a cute pose.


With dimples…


Or without them!

Image result for black pink rose cute


Anytime an idol smiles it’s like a shot straight through the heart!


2. Memeing it up

Somehow idols are just way too good at becoming memes.


Like really good!


And we all can’t help but feel a little like this!


3. Skinship, skinship, and more skinship

Whether it’s between two members…


Or an idol displays some skinship with a fan…


It just brings out everyone’s feelings!


4. Showing off their hot bods

Who knows what idols are being fed but dang! How can the guys be that ripped?


Not to mention the females!

Image result for hani abs


Anytime we get a flash of those sexy bods, it’s like we were struck by lightning!


It’s an almost instant kill!


5. Changing their hair color

Idols are constantly changing their hair.


And it seems like in every color works so well on them.


Plus we all know that when their hair color changes it can only mean that a comeback is on the horizon!



What is cuter than an idol pouting?


Seriously, how can it be so adorable?


And at the same time, it’s also deadly.


Super, super deadly!


7. Dance practices

Speaking of deadly, idol dance practices are like a battleground to fans.


They bless us with these visual masterpieces.


But at the same time, they absolutely destroy us!


8. The horrors of their duality

How an idol can go from this…


To this.


Or from this…


To this, is anyone’s guess!


But even worse for our hearts is when they go from something like this…


To this in 0.000001 seconds!


9. Their laugh

Nothing makes a fan’s heart warmer than seeing their idol laugh.


And laugh!


But those smiles and those laughs can totally wreck your heart too!


10. Lip bites

What else can totally wreck your life?



How about seeing your idol biting their lip!


It’s just too much to handle!


Way too much!


11. Their visual powers

How can idols be this amazing?


They can be pretty, sexy, and just so aesthetically appealing all at the same time!


12. Aegyo

You can’t help but like aegyo.


And seeing your idols being all cute is beyond adorable.


But all that cuteness can also make it really hard for your heart!


13. Pretty much anything!

But really, anything your favorite idols do is absolutely deadly for you!