Here Are 13 Must-Watch Moments From NCT 127’s ELLE Japan Behind The Scenes Shoot

It’s cute and chaotic at the same time!

NCT 127 was featured in ELLE Japan‘s May 2021 Special Edition Issue with some stunning shots from all the members. The group recently revealed a behind-the-scenes video from the shoot. In it, they showcased not only their visuals but their charisma and talent!

Here’s a look at thirteen moments from NCT 127’s ELLE Japan behind-the-scenes video that you need to see!

1. When Taeyong walked straight past Johnny, and made him sad.

2. This speaks for itself really…

3. Isn’t this just the cutest and purest thing in the world?

4. Mark seemed a bit shy when he was asked to be sexy…

5. But adorable Mark is just as good!

6. It seems like Mark can’t even do a simple interview in peace!

7. Jungwoo cemented his role as a professional Johnny stan!

8. It might be time to rename the group.

9. Is this a scene out of a romance movie?

10. Yuta is the “Dancing King!”

11. Please say that this image actually made it into the magazine!

12. It was nice of Jungwoo to wish Doyoung a happy birthday, even if it’s a bit late.

13. This is proof that NCT is full of dancing talent!

You can watch the whole video below!


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