Here Are 13 Pieces Of Evidence That Prove ATEEZ’s Jongho Is One Of K-Pop’s Best Rookie Vocalists

This maknae’s voice is seriously powerful and thrilling to listen to.

Jongho may be the maknae of ATEEZ, but his vocal prowess would make you think otherwise. All the members of the group are talented vocalists and rappers, but Jongho is definitely the powerhouse vocalist of the group, with the ability to belt and hit high notes like no one’s business. And even more incredibly, he hasn’t actually had proper vocal lessons! These 13 pieces of evidence will prove that he deserves to be known as one of the 4th generation of K-Pop’s most promising vocalists. Who knows how much better he’ll be a few years from now?

1. This compilation should say enough on its own

2. Just listen to this professional praise his voice!

3. Who else can belt like he can while breaking fruit with his bare hands at the same time?

4. Not only can he belt, but he can hit high notes flawlessly too!

5. He can do this without even warming up

6. He even impresses other more experienced artists!

7. How can this be possible??

8. This is just pure power

9. He also has fantastic control in the lower range as well

10. He deserves this!

11. Where will he be a couple years from now??

12. How many agree?

13. In short, stan this talented maknae