13 Sexiest Outfits Ever Worn By IU

Who knew IU could be so sexy!

1. This lacey black number that showed off her legs, arms, and midriff.

2. The classic boyfriend fit white button-up shirt paired with tiny black shorts.

3. This form fitting sweater that was conservative & daring all at once.

4. IU in this gorgeous backless dress that shows off thigh too? Yes, please!

5. Looking ready to dominate the world in this sexy leather outfit.

6. She’s a showstopper in this short, red off-the-shoulder dress.

7. Perfect Netflix & chill look.

8. IU in this low-cut halter top dress is honestly heart attack inducing.

9. Imagine waking up to IU looking this gorgeous every morning.

10. Serving sexy street wear looks.

11. Check out this casual white short shorts & button-up crop top look on IU. Effortlessly sexy.

12. The velvet crop-top & high waisted shorts combo on IU is devastatingly gorgeous.

13. Crop top? Short shorts? See-through button up? AND a garter? It’s a lot of sexy IU to process.