13 Most Terrifying Things That Ever Happened To BTS Members

From frightening leaps to real-life hauntings, these are some of BTS’s scariest moments.

BTS‘s fears are well known and documented on many variety shows, especially Jin‘s jumpiness, Jungkook‘s fear of bugs, Jimin‘s fear of ghosts, and J-Hope‘s hatred of snakes. Here are 13 times when BTS had to face what frightens them the most.


1. When V bungee jumped.

V, like most sane people, prefers to have both feet on the ground. He is not a fan of heights but has been pushing himself to overcome this fear because, for him, it’s a matter of pride. That said, he is often terrified until he makes the leap.

BTS has taken a number of (safe) risks on their variety show BTS Run, but bungee jumping was one of their scariest ones.

After much fear-induced deliberation, V finally managed to take the leap.


2. When Jungkook collapsed.

During the Wings tour in Chile, Jungkook‘s exhaustion really frightened the rest of the members. Nothing like that had ever happened to their healthy maknae before.

BTS couldn’t concentrate on the show until they knew Jungkook was okay.


3. When J-Hope was too frightened to cross a bridge.

J-Hope is one of BTS’s jumpiest members to begin with, but he had an especially hard time walking over the ocean during a photoshoot. Between the height and the water, J-Hope just couldn’t handle it. He tried to cross the bridge but only got about halfway before his nerves forced him to turn back.


4. When Jimin had to perform a flip over J-Hope.

The choreography for “We Are Bulletproof Pt 2” involved an aerial flip that Jimin had to do over J-Hope. Jimin admitted he was scared of performing it initially, in case he hurt J-Hope. The timing had to be perfect. If J-Hope wasn’t lying flat on the floor at the exact moment Jimin flipped, they both could have been seriously injured. Jimin eventually became more comfortable with the stunt, but the first time must have been nerve-wracking.


5. When J-Hope faced the infamous “snakeu”.

This is J-Hope’s most well-known “scaredy cat” moment. Not only did he have to touch a boa, one of the world’s largest snake breeds, he had to wear it. J-Hope was visibly shaken from start to finish but managed to go through with the photo shoot. Now, that’s a true testament to his professionalism!


6. When a “ghost” scared the living daylights out of Jimin.

Jimin isn’t the only member scared of ghosts, but his reaction to a BTS Bomb ghost video prank was so intense that he was later exempt from entering a haunted house with his members.


7. When BTS encountered real ghosts.

Jungkook revealed that BTS had two hair-raising ghost experiences while recording in the studio. During one, their entire recording just disappeared. During another,  his voice turned up where they hadn’t recorded anything. Spooky!


8. When these fireworks gave Suga two consecutive heart attacks.

Suga‘s likes to play it cool, but even this poker-faced rapper is susceptible to jump scares.  His hilarious reaction here proves just how easily he is startled by loud, sudden noises.


9. When Jin screamed at a dead cricket.

Jin is notorious for reacting very violently when scared or startled, and this prank scared him so much he ended up running away from the cricket.


10. When J-Hope was too scared to get into a boat.

J-Hope’s fear of the ocean struck again during what was supposed to be a fun summer outing. He became trapped between two boats, dangling over the water, because he refused to let go. J-Hope couldn’t seem to decide whether to scream or cry so he settled for something in between while protesting.


11. When Mpd set off a chain reaction.

When one person yells or screams, usually it startles others, and that was exactly the situation when this prank was pulled! Mpd, Mnet‘s mascot, startled Jin so badly that he made the other members freak out too.


12. When Jungkook went flying.

Jungkook is, by far, BTS’s most unflappable member. Heights, bugs, snakes? None of the usual scary things scare him. That said, his daredevil deeds do occasionally make the other members nervous. When Jungkook lost control of this segway, he nearly fell from the stage but Jimin caught him just in time.

Jungkook may not have been phased, but Jimin’s heart must have been pounding!


13. When zombies attacked.

On an episode of BTS Run, the boys were tricked into a zombie challenge and J-Hope was forced to go outside of the bus to “rescue survivors”. When he sees the zombies attacking, he screams and runs so fast he loses his shoe!

BTS’s scaredy cat line (Jimin, J-Hope, Suga, and Jin) suffered through the zombie apocalypse from start to finish.

They even got jump-scared by their own camera operator!