Here Are 13 Things Jungkook Is Absolutely “Golden” At

He isn’t called the golden maknae for nothing.

1. Singing

As the main vocal of BTS, it’s no surprise that Jungkook is an amazing singer.

He’s dropped many gorgeous covers, and his cover of “We Don’t Talk Anymore” was acknowledged by the original singer, Charlie Puth… even though he spelled Jungkook’s name wrong.

Jungkook’s voice was praised as being “dreamlike” and being a voice that could “pierce people’s hearts” after participating on King of Masked Singer.

2. Taekwondo

Jungkook has been practicing Taekwondo since he was a young child.

He allegedly has a black belt, and has shown off his moves for fans as well.

3. Driving

Jungkook revealed about two years ago that he got his driver’s licence, and recently revealed his skills on Bon Voyage Season 3.

ARMY’s totally swooned as he drove his hyungs from the airport to their restaurant in Malta. Though he was worried about parking without a rearview camera, he did amazingly well! He can also drive other vehicles as well!

4. Bowling

Jungkook proved his bowling skills during a V Live episode in which all of BTS versed him in bowling, and he won.

He also mentioned that his dad was preparing to be a professional bowler, and that he had bowled perfect games in the past.

This is why Jungkook became inspired to practice bowling professionally as well.

5. Dancing

When Jungkook joined Big Hit as a trainee, the company sent him to LA to train with their choreographer Son Sung Deuk.

He fell in love with dancing, and considered leaving the life of an idol trainee to become a professional dancer. Luckily, Jimin talked him out of it.

However, Jungkook has continued to impress with his golden dance skills many times.

6. Photography

After being in the lens of many cameras growing up, it’s no wonder Jungkook became interested in photography as well.

Whenever he’s travelling around he always makes sure to bring his camera and take amazing shots of his adventures, known as G.C.P. — Golden Closet Photography.

7. Composing/Producing

Of course, as a singer, Jungkook has a love for composing music as well. The first song he wrote and produced for BTS is the track “Love is Not Over”.

Most recently, he wrote and produced a gorgeous song called “Magic Shop” dedicated to ARMY.

8. Gaming

Jungkook loves to play mobile games to pass the time while waiting backstage.

He’s also a proficient player of Overwatch and VIXX’s Hongbin (one of the greatest Overwatch idol gamers) praised his skills as well.

9. Drawing

Drawing is a skill that runs in Jungkook’s family, as his brother is known as “Jeon Artist”.

Jungkook has showed off his amazing drawing skills since debut, and even drew a quick sketch of comedian Kim Young Chul when BTS guested on Knowing Brothers.

10. Running

At this point, you might have realized that Jungkook is an incredible athlete. It’s no surprised that’s he’s a fast runner as well. No one can forget when he turned the entire Idol Star Championships upside down and stole the 400m relay win for BTS.

11. Videography

We’ve already learned that BTS’s maknae is an incredible photographer.

He’s also well versed in video shooting and editing as well, calling his video studio “G.C.F.” or Golden Closet Film.

12. Rapping

Not only is Jungkook part of the vocal and dancer line, he’s also a pretty good rapper as well.

He’s been given sub-rapper parts like in “No More Dream” and “War of Hormone”. Not only that, he’s even taken over RM’s rap parts when he was absent for performances.

13. Melting ARMY’s hearts

Jungkook’s greatest superpower is the ability to melt the hearts of ARMY with his cute looks, chilling vocals, and amazing talents.

He is truly a golden boy!