13 Things Literally Every Single K-Drama Ever Made Does

But you’re still gonna watch them all.

1. Have a filthy rich, arrogant, male lead.

Because every girl loves a bad boy that will turn good for her right?


2. And a piss poor, heart-of-gold, female lead.

Who always sticks up for herself against filthy rich, arrogant males.


3. Some kind of love/marriage/living situation contract.

Let’s write up this contract, that no one will ever find, so we can place strong boundaries that we will never, ever cross.


4. Complicated Love Lines

How else can one know that they truly love you unless another love interest enters the picture and stirs up some jealousy inside them?


5. The evil mother

That of course never thinks you’re good enough for her son.


6. Brothers or cousins fighting to be heirs

You’d think they’re fighting for the royal crown to be King.


7. Falling asleep on public transportation

And placing their head on your shoulder, which of course never wakes them up.


8. Getting stupid drunk

Soju is the only way the leads can ask their burning questions or confess their true feelings.


9. And then getting a piggyback ride

You clearly haven’t drunk enough if you’re not taken home on the back of a man, passed out cold.


10. The wrist grab

Can they just start using words, or grabbing their hands at least?


11. Saving someone from getting hit by a car

At this point, we’d be surprised if we ever see someone actually get hit by a car in a drama.


12. The accidental fall that leads to a kiss

Classic way to kiss.


13. Have some kind of plushie doll

That you MUST find and buy in your own country.