13 Times 1theK Shamelessly Promoted Itself In K-Pop MV’s And You Didn’t Even Notice

Did you spot it?

1theK is a music content production agency, most famous for publishing many music videos on YouTube.

The 1theK Logo is becoming almost like the “Beats by Dre” of K-Pop, as it sneaks it’s way into a lot of music videos in subtle locations.

This is a list of some of the times the 1theK logo appeared in music videos.

1. Excuse Me (AOA)

The 1theK logo can be spotted on the sign overlooking the station.

2. Gfriend (Summer Rain)

As the camera pans out from the choreography, the logo is painted on the wall.


The 1theK logo appears on the computer monitors.

4. MOMOLAND (BBoom BBoom)

It appears on the floor during JooE‘s iconic “Great!” dance.

5. Monsta X (DRAMARAMA)

The logo appears on a poster at this bus stop during a time travel sequence.

6. GFRIEND (Time For The Moon Night)

The 1theK logo appears framed in the bottom right of the screen when Yuju and Sowon are reminiscing.

and again framed in the top right as Yerin and Yuju sleep.

7. AOA (Bingle Bangle)

It’s on the boxes at the start of the music video, as Seolhyun skates by.

8. The Boyz (Giddy Up)

It appears under the “Start!” screen right at the start of the music video.

9. MOMOLAND (Baam)

It appears above JooE and Daisy during the song’s rap break.

10. GFRIEND (Sunrise)

The logo is hidden among the pile of photos that Sowon is looking at.

11. Apink (Eung Eung)

The logo appears on the number plate of one of the cars on the right.

12. Jeong Eun Ji (Being There)

It appears on the bus as Eunji exits it.

13. The Boyz (No Air)

It faintly appears in the containers.

You had to be very eagle-eyed to spot some of those, the 1theK logo appearing in music videos seems to be a trend that will continue for now.